Shuwaikh Port

Shuwaikh port is considered the main commercial port in the is located at letitude 29 21 north, longitude 47 56 east ,with a total area of 4.4 million square meters. the total basin area is about 1.2 million square meters,the land area is 302million square meters.

The port has 21 berths including 14 berths of meters dept: these are the berths from no .1 to no. 14 in addition to other 4 berths of 8.5 meters dept: the berths from (18-12) and 3 berths of 6.7 meters dept: (berths no. 15,16, and 17). The total length of these berths is 4,055 meters. The movement of the ships coming to and leaving the port use a navigation channel dredged inside Kuwait bay. The length of this channel is about 87 km and its depth is 8.5 meters at minimum water tide level.the port can receive ships of 9.5 meters draft at high tides.

Berth no. at the port is allocated for receiving ships carrying grains and is equipped with a crane for sucking bulk grains from ships to the grain silos near the port area .

Berth no .(8) receives ships carrying bulk cement and is equipped with a crane for cement suction for storing it in cement silos located near the berth area .

Berth numbers (10,12,13) are allocated for receiving container ships each equipped with two gantry cranes each of 65 tones capacity for handling containers of 65 tons each.

Berths numbers (19,20) are allocated for foodstuff carrying ships. the berths have a warehouse for receiving refrigerated materials.

Berths number (21) is dedicated for receiving livestock- carrying ships and is located opposite a cattle pen which is established on an area of 25700 square meters.

The remaining berths are used for receiving general cargo ships.

Depths in the main basin of shuwaikh port range between 6.7, 8.5 and 10 meters. deep , the western basin meters deep, and the north basin is 6.7 meters deep encompassing 10 small piers to breth tugs, pilot boats and marine units assisting in the port services. The total length of the small piers is 1190 meters.

The port encompasses (16) closed warehouses with total area of 170323 square meters and total open storage area of 485718 square meters.

Shuwaikh container terminal

Shuwaikh container terminal is located northwest of shuwaikh port over an area of 260 thousand square meters which is allocated for receiving containers whether for import or re-export. Shuwaikh containers terminal is equipped with electrical outlets for receiving refrigerated containers. these outlets use sophisticated electrical system that ensures the safety and validity of refrigerated foodstuff.

The ports authority has allocated berths No. 10,13 and 13 for container handling and equipped each of them with two gantry, (9) reach stackers and (4) empty containers handlers.

Custom & security control processes over the containers are conducted at the customs inspection center where containers can be examined.