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Shuwaikh Port

Shuaiba Port

Doha Port


About Kuwait Port Authority

The ports of Kuwait are important to the State of Kuwait, which has been associated with its development and development in these ports. The Kuwaiti ports have been an important role in Kuwait's economic and urban development. The Kuwait Ports Corporation is a Kuwaiti governmental institution with an independent legal personality, . The Corporation was established in 1977 with the aim of managing Kuwait's commercial ports (Shuwaikh Port, Doha Port, Shuaiba Port). Kuwait Petroleum Company (KOC) is affiliated with the Petroleum Corporation of Kuwait (KPC). Read more...

Media Release
  • Port of Shuwaikh

    Lattitude : 25 Deg 21.30 N
    Longitude : 47 Deg 55.14 E
    Admirity Chart : 1214
    Admirity Pilot : 63
    Time Zone : GMT +3hrs
    Port Security Level : 1 (one)

    Shuwaikh port is considered the main commercial port in the country.it is located at letitude 29 21 north, longitude 47 56 east ,with a total area of 4.4 million square meters. the total basin area is about 1.2 million square meters,the land area is 302million square meters.

  • Port of Shuaiba

    Lattitude : 45 Deg 21.30 N
    Longitude : 35 Deg 55.14 E
    Admirity Chart : 1614
    Admirity Pilot : 23
    Time Zone : GMT +3hrs
    Port Security Level : 2(one)

    This port is located in Al-ahmadi area about 45 kilometers south of Kuwait city at latitude 29 2 minutes and 26 seconds north, and longitude 48 10 minutes 56 seconds east. The port contains berths for commercial goods and others for containers and a pier for petroleum products currently managed by the Kuwait national petroleum company. shuaiba port encompasses 20berths with a total length of 4068 meters and depths ranging from 7.5 to 14 meters, including 4 berths numbers 15,16,17,18.

  • Port of Doha

    Lattitude : 29 Deg 27.30 N
    Longitude : 17 Deg 55.14 E
    Admirity Chart : 914
    Admirity Pilot : 43
    Time Zone : GMT +3hrs
    Port Security Level : 3 (one)

    Doha port is a small coastal port with a depth of 4.3 meters. The port is used to berth dhows, barges, and coastal vessels operating between gulf ports. The port is located at a latitude 29 ,23 North and longitude 47, 48 East. Inside the main port basin there are 9 piers of 2600 meters total length.